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HomeBuyer Experts is a True Home Buyers Only Real Estate Agency and can be reached at 330-826-1282. Yes, the team at HomeBuyer Experts are actual Real Estate Agents. Instead of hopping back and forth across the fence they chose to represent only the residential home buyer and play solely on their side throughout the entire purchase process.

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What Is A True Buyers Agent


Just because a real estate agent says they will work with a home buyer doesn’t mean that they are a “True Buyer’s Agent” and because of that they may legally be able to keep the buyers information confidential, work to get the buyer the lowest possible price on the home, or advocate on the home buyers behalf. In fact many agents who say they are buyers agents actually work for a “Real Estate Team” that has listings and are subject to the same rules that the lead agent are and are therefore obligated to get the seller of a home that their team has listed the highest price, terms that are favorable to that seller, and by law cannot disclose some critical information, or get the lowest possible price for the buyer.

A true buyers agent represents home buyers 100% of the time and therefore can advocate on behalf of the buyer getting them the best possible price and terms in their home purchase.

That means you get the real scoop on a home inspection, the home’s history and the fairest price without overpaying.

Who do you want on your side when you’re getting ready to make one of the largest purchases of your life?

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