True Buyer Agent Joseph Shaffer

About Joseph

I have always loved the rewarding feeling of helping someone in need. From money problems to emotional stress, moving into a new home or even opening a door at the store, all of these things and more have a positive impact on the life of someone else. For this reason I have always wanted to merge this ability, desire, and passion to help others with a career that still takes financial care of my family as well.
While there may be many careers out there that fall into this category, none seem to have the most direct and sizable impact as buying a house. I believe this is one of, if not the biggest single investment, most of us will make in our lifetime. Some of us will make it one time and others many, but each time has a purpose that we hold close to our hearts. I also say buying a house, because I believe it is truly made into a home by those who live in it. Each house is unique and different, but all of them facilitate each family and their dreams and each one will become that place you call home.
Joseph Where do I come in this process you ask? How can I have a more meaningful and positive impact in the buying process than others out there? Because that is what an Exclusive Buyer Agency is all about. There are no conflicts of interest with also represents sellers and taking listings. You as the buyer are our sole purpose for existing. This means that we put all of our expertise and passion into finding you the house that best fits all of your unique wants and needs and then fight for you to negotiate the best price possible on that house. After all, this is where you will make your home. This is the place where you may get married, raise children, start a business, and discover many more of life’s winding roads.
As your True Buyers Agent I can finally put some of my dreams to work by helping you attain yours. Your next house and eventually home is where my heart is. I look forward to meeting you and working with you to not only build a fruitful relationship, but to also find your dream house; and in doing so find that rewarding feeling of seeing my work benefit someone else’s future!

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